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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Division of Economic and Workforce Development

The Division of Economic and Workforce Development is committed to providing a skilled and trained workforce for our local business and industry partners.  Our staff addresses local workforce needs for emerging, existing, and entrepreneurial businesses through customizable programs and training courses which includes certification and pre-employment testing.  We provide consultation on training needs and deliver high quality and cost-effective training.   

Customized Contracted Instruction

The College offers local businesses, industries and organizations customized credit and non-credit courses, short-term workshops, and seminars to meet their needs. Instruction can cover a broad array of topics and can be delivered on-site or at one of the Northern campuses. Employers realize significant savings because costs are directly related to instruction. For information, contact the Executive Director of Business Services and Contract Training at 304-214-8975.  Several initiatives we can deliver to align education and training with an employer’s needs are:

  • Workplace Skill Set Programs: These are short-term programs or courses, designed to deliver skills needed for success in the workplace, focused on specific employment areas. These programs include only the skills needed and require less time for completion than a traditional degree or certificate program. However, most of these programs are designed so that they can be used as part of the requirements for a degree program, creating a pathway toward degree completion for interested individuals.
  • Apprenticeships: WVNCC partners with the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship Programs, on several industry apprenticeships.   We can assist with the development of a program, related training instruction, and will work with employers according to their on-the-job training requirements.  
  • Flexible Degree Programs: (more detailed information on the following 2 programs can be found under the Academic Program section of this catalog) Northern offers flexible degree programs which are designed to credential the training and education individuals obtain outside a normal degree program or from non-collegiate providers.
    • Technical Studies A.A.S.: This program is designed to provide cooperative educational opportunities leading to associate degrees for students participating in education and training programs sponsored by business, industry, labor, government, or other agencies. Required components in the program include general education, classroom instruction in a technical core, and in the occupation area. College credit may be awarded for on-the-job training and/or supervised work-based learning.
    • Occupational Development A.A.S.: This program is developed through an agreement with the US Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship Programs and an employer to create a degree program curriculum that will include student learning in three areas: general education, classroom occupational training, and on the job training (OJT). A minimum amount of general education is required, and the amount of classroom occupational training will be determined by the number of classroom contact hours required in the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP). On the job training may be credited; a statement of the total number of OJT contact hours experienced by the RAP participants also may be placed on the student’s college record (according to state-established guidelines).

Career Development Courses

WVNCC offers courses for those seeking career training, professional development and certification training.  These courses are short term career prep options that are outside of the traditional one- or two-year degree credit options.  However, many are set up in a pathway so if a person wishes to continue to a traditional credit (degree) program, they have the option. 

Career Development courses are offered in person, online and hybrid, depending on the topic and course requirements.   They are set up to help you gain experience and knowledge in your chosen field.  Please contact the Continuing & Community Education Program Manager at 304-214-8969 or visit our website for more information.

Online Continuing Education Courses

In addition to the above courses, Northern offers online courses through partnerships with ed2go, 360 Training, and other providers. Students may take a variety of courses at their convenience. Please contact the Continuing & Community Education Program Manager at 304-214-8969 or visit our website for more information.

Testing Center

Northern has contracts with multiple national and state licensing agencies to provide testing in a proctored facility.  These are industry testing, pre-employment testing, certifications, and licensing exams.  For further information or to schedule a test, please contact the Testing Center at 304-214-8969 or go to our website for a list of our test offerings. 

Personal Enrichment

Northern offers courses and seminars for personal enrichment, cultural interests, and educational pursuits through community education programming. For information about courses or to request specific offerings, please contact the Administrative Assistant at 304-214-8968 or visit our website for more information.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The SBDC provides consultation, training, and problem-solving services to existing, potential and start-up small businesses within the College’s six-county service area. Services provided by the department include assistance with business plans, loan applications, and networking with local and state agencies as well as businesses to access available resources. The SBDC office is located on the Wheeling Campus, but the Program Manager regularly meets with clients in Weirton, New Martinsville and in other communities throughout the district. Please contact the SBDC Representative Donna Schramm at 304-214-8973 for more information.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

WVNCC partners with the Northern Panhandle Workforce Development Board to ensure West Virginia’s unemployed, underemployed, and dislocated workers have opportunities to train/retrain in a community college setting. These educational programs are limited to state approved programs. WIOA participants are also eligible for other forms of financial aid, including Pell Grants and work study. All applicants must first be certified eligible by the Northern Panhandle Workforce Development Board – 304-232-6280.  College financial aid questions should be directed to the financial aid office at (304) 233-5900 ext. 8844.

HEAPS Grant – Workforce Development Component

The West Virginia Legislature established a Higher Education Adult Part-time Student (HEAPS) Grant Program to address the needs of students who pursue programs of postsecondary education on a part time basis in high demand workforce-oriented programs. Students must demonstrate financial need plus meet other qualifications as established in the legislation. The Workforce Development staff and Financial Aid staff at WVNCC will assist students with this program.  Please call the Financial Aid office at 304-214-8844 or the Workforce Development Office at 304-214-8968.

Learn and Earn

The WV Community and Technical College System offers a grant program through the state community colleges called the Learn and Earn.   Through this grant program, Northern partners with West Virginia businesses, industries and organizations to employ traditional college students as paid interns to assist in meeting the company’s workforce needs.  Companies may be eligible for a grant to cover a portion of the cost of the interns’ salary, based on state-established regulations. In return, those students will earn college credit in their degree program and valuable on the job work experience. Contact the Executive Director of Business Services and Corporate Training for additional information.